Have Automation Theory maintain MySQL for you! Our maintenance package lite is a subscription to all of our MySQL products for MSPs under 5,000 agents.

Note: Due to increased demand, we are approaching capacity for this service. New clients will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis until capacity is reached.

MySQL Maintenance Package Lite details

Automate is the core of many MSPs, and the heart of Automate is its MySQL database. In today’s IT market MSPs are growing faster than ever, and the need for securing RMMs is ever-increasing. Scaling, securing, and maintaining MySQL is outside the wheelhouse of many IT providers, resulting in poor performance and underlying security flaws. Additionally, ongoing vulnerability patching is a requirement for compliance and insurance policies.

In response to this need, we’ve created a maintenance package as a one-stop-shop for everything MSPs need to scale and secure Automate’s MySQL database.


Fully ManagedCertified DBAs manage patching and configuration of MySQL
ProactiveWe alert you when patches are available and when action is required
Designed for MSPsWe coordinate after-hours upgrade windows with your staff


Database Tuner LitePlugin for real-time database performance tuning
Database TuneupAnnual review and performance baseline of the configuration file
MySQL PatchingQuarterly updates to keep your database stable, secure, and compliant
Expert DBAsA support team to help diagnose and troubleshoot MySQL related issues

If your MSP is over 5,000 agents, please see our full MySQL Maintenance Package.