Integrations are the heart of the Connectwise ecosystem. We create Connectwise Automate plugins and other infrastructure integrations that enable MSPs to harness the full power of remote monitoring and management for their business.

Connectwise Automate Plugins

Database Tuner

Most Automate partners experience server performance issues from the default database tuning guidance. Database Tuner is a plugin that dynamically adjusts MySQL to perform optimally for ConnectWise Automate.

Database Commander

Database access is important to maximize the value and automation potential of Automate. Database Commander is a free plugin for Automate for monitoring MySQL status and running queries against the database.

Database Permissioner

The permission structure for the labtech database changed in 2021, breaking certain customizations. Database Permissioner is a free plugin for Automate that allows partners to set permissions on custom tables.

Connectwise Automate Integrations

Reverse Proxy for Connectwise Automate

With the rise in cyber attacks against IT providers, many MSPs are trying to secure their Automate servers. Our reverse-proxy-as-a-service increases server security without increasing administrative complexity.

Database Index Packs

Many Automate queries are inefficient due to poor indexing in the database schema. Database Index Packs is a collection of composite indexes for the Connectwise Automate database