Database Index Packs Install

Database Index Packs install instructions #

Important Note: The install of Database Index Packs involves modifying some of the largest tables in the Automate database. We advise all partners to run the install script after hours during low-load times to avoid any performance issues.

  1. Download the zipped installer from the email link.
  2. Extract the download.
  3. Import and run the script (it can be run on any system and only needs to be run once).
    • The script imports to Scripts –> Automation Theory –> Automation Theory Database Index Packs Installer*
  4. Check the script log; the output should appear as follows:
Output of the installer script for Database Index Packs

Verification of index usage #

To verify that the new indexes are being used, run the following command:

select * from sys.`x$schema_index_statistics` where index_name like 'AT_idx_%' ;

This will ouput the index statistics, and any index with a non-zero value for rows_selected is being used. Please note that index use is dependent on what SQL queries are being run, and it’s normal to see this vary with server size, usage variances, and changes from application patches and plugins.

Schema index statistics from the command above.