Database Tuner and Database Tuner Lite Install

Database Tuner and Database Tuner Lite Install Instructions #

  1. Download the trial plugin from the email link.
  2. Extract the download.
  3. Import the plugin DLL (System –> Solutions –> Plugin Manager –> Advanced –> Manage Plugins –> Add Plugin).
  4. Activate the plugin.
  5. Restart the Database Agent.
  6. Log out and back into the Control Center.
  7. Import and run the script (it’s only adding a stored procedure; it can be run on any system and only needs to be run once).
  8. Open the plugin (System –> Configuration –> Dashboard –> Config –> Integration –> Database Tuner).
  9. Enter the license key (in the email with the download link).
  10. Click “Save and Refresh” twice.

Initial Configuration #

At this point, the plugin is installed and ready to tune the database. Please refer to the how-to document for tuning for a description of the Server IO options: https://automationtheory.org/docs/database-tuner-io-multiplier-configuration/

The plugin will display a warning it does not detect the stored procedure. If this message appears run the script (step 6) again. If the script has already been run, try running it with only the SQL insert step enabled. If that does not work please contact technical support. 

For more information on Database Tuner please see https://automationtheory.org/database-tuner/