Reverse Proxy Agent Installer Generation

By default, the server address of an Automate agent installer matches the browser FQDN that it was created from. In certain reverse proxy deployments this can create challenges depending on ACLs and the deployment model. To correct this, there are three potential methods that will deploy agents with the correct settings.

Method One: Access via proxy #

The easiest way to generate agents with the proxy FQDN is to to access the web UI via the proxy, and download the agent installer as you normally would.

Method Two: Override on the CLI #

For agent deployment scripts it’s possible to pass the server URL as a parameter on the CLI. The syntax is as follows:

msiexec /i Agent_Install.msi SERVERADDRESS=https://052d3c3287c38201.exampledomain.com 

Method Three: LTPoSH #

LTPoSH is a PowerShell module with functions for agent install, and it’s available at https://github.com/LabtechConsulting/LabTech-Powershell-Module It’s important to note that certain ACLs can interfere with various functions — and for proxies only allowing agent traffic the InstallerToken method must be used (the ServerAddress lookup will fail) . The syntax (after the module is installed) is as follows:

Install-LTService -Server https://052d3c3287c38201.exampledomain.com -InstallerToken f968a57b1c6652ca0204b306d21e9c3b -LocationID 1